Financial Independence: Ground Zero

  Over my past few blog entries, I explained our Goal of Financial Independence, the simple math of FI in Running the Numbers on Early Retirement, and the Impact of Saving a Few Chronic Dollars with Compound Interest.  And Stephanie explained How We Pay for Stuff. Now lets put it all together and show where we started our journey. Recall, […]

Using Excel to Estimate your Future Investments

There are two Microsoft Excel functions that I have found invaluable in planning our future financial future.  The first function , FV() or Future Value outputs the future value of an investment based on periodic, constant payments and constant interest rates.  Meaning I have $10,000 to invest and I want to direct deposit $400 every month for the next 5 years […]

We Moved

There is a lot involved with moving your family of four into a considerably smaller house.  Obviously there is the “stuff” that needs to be gone through, packed, sold, whatever.  Our family went through EVERY ITEM WE OWN and easily got rid of 75% of it in some way or another.  Our stuff was weighing us down and […]

5 Ways We Saved Money

Once we identified our goal, we began looking at all of our regular expenses using the simple calculation to identify savings with compound interest over a ten year period.  Some expenses were very apparent.  Here are some of the top things we adjusted: #1 Cut the Cable This was a no brainer, there are countless financial sites from Market Watch to Consumer […]